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The Manifest Features Hppyhour Digital as One of the Top-Recommended

UX Strategy Companies in Toronto

November 11, 2022

HppyHour Digital is a low-code, no-nonsense, web design studio that equips brands with the premier solutions to enhance their presence. We produce remarkable results that incorporate your brand vision into results-oriented strategies. We’re passionate about design, and we bring deliverables that are impressive and eye-catching to your target audience.

Today, we’re proud to share that we’re listed as a top vendor on The Manifest, a B2B buyers guide. According to the platform, we’re one of the most-reviewed UX strategy agencies in Toronto.

When we began in 2016, our focus was on delivering groundbreaking digital design to our partners through our extensive experience. Since then, we’ve produced recognizable products for forward-thinking brands that elevate their identity. To win this award is truly an honor for our entire team.

In 2019, an advertising agency onboarded us for their web development and design efforts. They needed a partner to help their client build a website for some digital assets. As they didn’t have the capacity, they hired us for backup. We handled the entirety of the development and followed their design requirements while contributing to the overall look and feel of the product.

“From the procedural perspective, they hit all of our milestones like deliverables and trigger points. That was huge for us. We deemed the partnership a success because they were able to be on time consistently.
The project management impressed us. As an agency ourselves, we needed them to be an extension of us, and they handled that incredibly well.”

— Group Director, Marketing & Advertising Firm

Thank you so much to the client for sharing their kind words. For an in-depth overview of our notable projects, visit the newest curated list on The Manifest.

If you’re considering a project with us, please reach out and discuss your requirements to get started.