About us

We are a solutions focused creative agency that strives to improve the brand and the customer experience.

How we do it
By combining creativity and technology we help our clients thrive and unlock their full potential so they can achieve their goals.
Why we do it
To improve the world by transforming and enabling brands with the ability to become global powerhouses.

Why we dropped the “A” in HPPY

There’s no room for A’holes on our team.

We’re against academic buzzwords and overly used phrases like “design thinking”, and instead choose to support practical designs and authentic results. 

We are not your Average agency.

We’ll provide all the support you need without putting you in a box. We recognize that every individual is unique, and when we come together as a team, we can all elevate each other.

We don’t do anything with Apathy.

We encourage inclusivity to cultivate and inspire a culture of like-minded individuals that want to embody “excellence.” As a minority owned business, we understand everyone’s unique perspective and empower people to push boundaries through creativity and collaboration.

Our core principles

Working with us means...

We are always looking for a better way
The only constant in this world is change and we’re here for it. We approach every day with an open mind and work towards finding solutions to make it better for ourselves and our clients. Normal is ok, but being extraordinary is better and that’s where we all deserve to be.
It’s all about learning, adapting, and changing
As much as we’ll strive for perfection in every task, truth is, we’re only human (for now...) and mistakes may happen. We believe that HOW we deal with those mistakes is even more important because those are learning opportunities that pave the road to long-term success.
If we believe in something, we’ll defend it
We want to be the partners, employers, and colleagues that bring value to every interaction through leadership. We do what we do because we care, and we’re good at it. We embrace discourse and respect all opinions but will also stand up for what we believe based on years of experience.
Empathy is our superpower
We believe integrity is the most important currency and we try to put ourselves in the shoes of those that we work with and the end users experiencing the outcome of our craft. As our name implies, we strive to build positive relationships for everyone around us and believe that starts with empathy.

We believe that doing your best work comes from being in your “Hppy Place,” wherever that is. 

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