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Essential Reasons for Refreshing Your

Digital Product Design

October 27, 2022

It takes around seven seconds for businesses to make a first impression on their audience. Whether it's with your logos, advertisements, your website, or another digital product, you must put your best foot forward. Failing to have well-designed products can result in potential customers heading to your competition.

Refreshing your digital product design is important for any type of business. You need to have fresh and consistent branding across all platforms. This builds trust and recognition with your target audience.

It can be challenging to know when it's time to refresh your digital product designs. This guide will discuss the various reasons you might want to pursue a brand refresh with a digital product design agency.

You Have Outdated Designs

Design trends and graphics evolve. Your branding and digital products should be refreshed every five years. While retro designs and graphics are always in style, there's a difference between being nostalgic and outdated.

An out-of-date website or other digital product might convey that your business is out of touch. Visitors and potential customers might not think that you're an expert in your field.

On the flip side, an aesthetically pleasing and updated website makes your business look more credible. Visitors might be more apt to use your services or purchase your products. Your website should also be easy to navigate so people can understand what you do and who you are.

Negative User Feedback

Your users know your digital products very well. Your products are designed to solve their problems. Their feedback, whether it's negative or positive, can help you with future product redesigns.

If you're receiving the same negative feedback about a certain feature, it might be time to explore a design. Some areas you should pay attention to include:

  • What are your users complaining about?
  • What can't they achieve on your app or website?
  • What feature of your product isn't making their lives easier?

You can solve these problems by redesigning your digital product. You can also improve relationships with your customers by listening to their concerns and implementing changes.

Your Competitors Are Redesigning

You should always have an eye on your competitors that offer similar products or services. What you offer should be as convenient and modern as their products. Your customers will be able to immediately know the difference between a modern and an outdated product.

New competitors might be entering the scene as well. You should look at refreshing your digital products to keep an edge over them. You don't want to wait for them to update their designs to do it yourself.

Decreased Conversion Rates

You might have noticed a gradual decrease in downloads, website visits, or another type of metric. You need to evaluate your digital product if you're not seeing the results you expect from it.

Your digital products might be underperforming for various reasons, such as:

  • It's not relevant or useful anymore
  • Outdated design
  • It takes too long to load

Identifying the issue behind your decreased performance will help you better improve your product. Making changes to your product can reengage customers while attracting new ones. Addressing their problems with a refreshed design will encourage them to check out your product.

Your Digital Products Aren't Consistent

Digital products get created at various times and sometimes by a different designer than before. Your company could have multiple brands or products that aren't synchronized. You want all of your products to look like your company designed them.

Refreshing your digital products will ensure that your branding is consistent throughout. Some of the elements that might not be the same throughout your digital product catalog include:

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Fonts

Create a cohesive vision for your company by updating your products.

Your Business Has Evolved

Your business and its products aren't the same now as they were the day you launched them. You learn things about your target audience, yourself, and your values over the years. Refreshing your digital products gives you a chance to implement what you've learned over the years.

Your business might also be ready to introduce some new digital products. Updating your current products so they reflect your new designs will create brand cohesion. You can also attract customers to your original portfolio as they're drawn to the new products.

Ways to Strategize a Digital Product Redesign

Any digital product redesign you implement should have a clear strategy. You want your new designs to support your business's vision. Knowing what your strategy is beforehand can help your designers create a more successful product.

Establish Your Vision

You and your design team should understand the goals of your product. The design vision should answer the following questions:

  • What goals are we trying to achieve?
  • What are we creating and what steps do we take to get there?
  • Why are we redesigning in the first place?
  • Who are we designing the product for?

A clear strategy will ensure all team members are on the same page.

Evaluate Your Customer Base

As we mentioned earlier, customer feedback is one of the main reasons you might need a product redesign. You want your customers to have a good experience with your digital products.

You should conduct user testing throughout every stage of the redesign process. User testing enables you to identify and eliminate issues before the product hits your larger audience.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Your digital products should differentiate themselves from your competitors. You want to deliver a unique value that other companies can't. Ensure your digital product performs well, looks good, and gives your customers something they can't find anywhere else.

Improve Your Business With a Refreshed Digital Product Design

An updated digital product design can improve your business in multiple areas. Whether you want to revitalize your website, branding, app, or any other type of product, we're here to help.

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