Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

April 4, 2023

Over half of successful small business owners in Canada are relying on mobile apps to stay on top of internal operations. What if you could create your own mobile application that is catered perfectly to your needs? What if you could create a mobile application for your customers to take advantage of?

We know what you're thinking. Mobile application development is out of your scope of expertise. Even if you knew how to approach app development, you don't have the time.

That's where our web design agency in Toronto comes in. Our team can take stock of your hopes and goals for a new company app and bring them to life seamlessly.

Not sold? Read on to find out the benefits of outsourcing mobile application development so that you can take advantage of technology made just for you.

Access to the Experts

Your team is made up of entrepreneurs and customer service providers that know everything about your products and services. Unless your team already includes a web and app development member, there's a good chance that your team does not possess the expertise needed to craft a sleek, functional app that meets today's standards.

In fact, something like mobile application development isn't something you can master overnight. Sure, you could take a few online courses, but that won't leave you with the know-how to navigate all of the challenges that arise when creating an app. Plus, any time you spend learning a new skill is time away from your business's daily needs.

By outsourcing mobile application development, you don't have to devote time and energy to mastering skills or the latest technology. You gain instant access to a team that has the training and experience to deliver a high-quality product from the get-go.

Latest Tools and Tech

When we're talking about app development expertise, we're talking largely about a working knowledge of the latest app development tools and technology. Most business owners use apps on a daily basis without knowing what went into their production. Not only does app development require high-power servers but it also requires access to specialized software.

When you're not in the business of app development, you have no real need for the latest tools and tech used to create a successful app. Gaining in-house access to this technology would require a major investment for one-time use. Chances are, it doesn't make solid financial sense to gear up to create an app, yourself.

By outsourcing mobile application development, you can partner with a team that already has all of those tools, like the latest Webflow tools, handy. This will save you the trouble of buying and learning how to use sophisticated software that you probably won't need a second time.

Flexible Partnership

When deciding whether or not to outsource, many business owners wonder if it makes more sense to hire an app developer that can focus solely on their current project. The problem is that you may not have the budget or the need to keep this app developer on staff for the long term.

Hiring and firing an employee in order to complete a project is not ideal for any small business owner. Beyond having to provide this new hire with a salary, you may also have to complete a lengthy and expensive onboarding process to get them started. Plus, you run the risk of firing them before discovering that the application requires troubleshooting.

By outsourcing mobile application development, you gain access to a flexible partnership. You only pay for the services you receive, and it's easy to jump back in if your application or web design requires updates or patches.

No Distractions

We've talked already about the time it would take for someone on your in-house team to learn the skills needed to create a mobile app for your business. It's important to keep in mind that any time spent on a new project is time spent away from your business's day-to-day operations. This is especially important when you are running a small business that doesn't have a huge staff to pull from.

At the end of the day, there's no need to develop an app if your business is not sustainable and growing. While your outsourced mobile app development team completes your new app, you can stay focused on your core business. After all, the app is meant to improve things like internal operations or customer service, not take over your entire company.

Outsourcing also saves you the distraction of bringing on a new employee. As we mentioned earlier, hiring an in-house developer isn't as simple as finding the right match and offering them a salary. You would lose time to paperwork, training, and other steps that aren't required when you contract a third-party app developer.

Quick Mobile Application Development

One of the biggest challenges a business can face when creating an app is developing and sticking to a timeline. How long can you spare for the brainstorming process? When do you want to announce your new app to customers or staff members and when do you want to make it available for use?

When you only have one or two people focusing on the job, it's not bound to get done quickly—especially if it isn't their area of expertise. However, when you work with a professional web design agency in Canada, you gain instant access to creative minds, customer support, and tech-savvy developers. Thanks to years of experience, that team works like a well-oiled machine and can give you a realistic timeline for the scope of your project.

In addition, an outsourced team has a high degree of motivation to get the project done ASAP. Because they're paid on a project-by-project basis, their ultimate goal is to hand over an app that meets all of your expectations and more in a short amount of time, leading to quick mobile app development.

Shared Risk

Taking on a new project always comes with serious risks. In the case of mobile application development, much of that risk is financial, although your reputation is also on the line. It's possible to invest money and generate interest in an app that fails to deliver, which can be a huge obstacle to the success of your business.

When you outsource mobile application development, you spread that risk across two companies. It is no longer your budget and reputation that is on the line, alone. Your web development team has the incentive to meet your expectations or run the risk of providing free labor—and taking a hit to their own reputation.

You'll also work with a full team, rather than one employee. This reduces the risk of unexpected delays or pitfalls because the responsibility is shared and you're not confined to one person's availability.

Cost Efficiency

Chances are, you don't know how much it would cost to hire a full-time web developer to build your app. In Toronto, web developers are paid a median salary of over $67,000 a year, while senior web developers are paid closer to six figures a year. Plus, as an employer, you'll be responsible for contributing to that employee's social security and more.

At the end of the day, you may not have the resources to hire someone full-time. However, that doesn't mean that you don't have the budget to outsource a single project.

Projects like mobile application development often start around $20,000. This is less than one-third of what you would have to pay to bring someone new onto your staff.


We've talked a lot about how outsourcing would benefit you. What about how it would benefit the people who will use your app?

Creating a successful app requires expertise and a clear vision. In fact, one of the top reasons why new apps fail to take hold is the lack of filling a need. You may have a sense of what you want your app to do, but it takes a professional to deliver a product that really meets the user's needs.

Our web design agency in Toronto can create a mobile app that is easy to use, quick to load, and pleasant to look at. We're here to deliver a product that will help your business to thrive.

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